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[RELEASE] VCAHAX Client For GTA v 1.5.5 Unofficial mod menu

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Posted on Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:48 pm

Hey NGU After Long Work And Research I'm Proud To Provide u This Awesome Release Of The Best Modded Menu Out There ! 



Instruction / Features :


Menu Contains New Player Menu Options Like :

Arrest - Heist Animation 
Attach Object - To Attach Object To Player
Attach to player - Attach Your Self To Player / Don't Use On Your self
Detach From Player - Detach Your Self from Player
Gay Dance - Makes Player Do gay Dance Animation
Electrocute - Makes The Player To Animation Like He was Stunned By Stun Gun
Party - Makes Player Do Party/Down Animation 
Pole Dance - Makes Player Do Pole Dance Animation 
Plead - Makes The P
Push-Ups - Makes The player Do Push Ups
Rape Him - Makes 3 In One Attach To Player And Rape Him ! To Use Correct Click 2 Times / Don't Use On Your self
Take all weapons - Takes All The Weapons From Player
Go for a Walk - Makes Player Walk Away like a PED on The Street 
Give Weapons - Gives Weapons To Player
Explode - Explodes Player
Give $86K - Gives $86,000 To Player
Teleport To Me - Teleports Player To Your Location - Working 100%
Teleport me to player - Teleports You To Player 
Teleport inside Vehicle - Teleports You Inside Plyaer Car

Car Options added :



Reddinos - Help Provided , Doing Research Digging R* Scripts And Helping Me All The Way 

EROOTIIK - Lot Of Help , And Supporting All The Way Making This Edit 

SlinkyHosts™/ Jack ツ - Helping To Find Animations 

Kristijan1001 - For Support , And Being Trusted Person All the way 

ECB2 - For Original VCA Hax Client For GTA 

Thanks 4 Veiwing DarkModz
Plz leave a comment and a thumbs up

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