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{Zombies}Black Ops 2: All Known Zombies Information

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Posted on Tue May 08, 2012 7:08 am

So after the review trailer a
mass of videos and articles about zombies has come up. I am going to
dive strait into this so here we go..

Notice: I don't take credit for any information I have given credit to all sources.

Zombies Announced



The Verge: 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2': Everything we know (and it's a lot) | The Verge

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

ComputerandVideoGames: News: Black Ops 2 zombies detailed: More players, more zombies, new modes - ComputerAndVideoGames.com

Kotaku: 48 Things That You Should Know About Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Now Lets Start:

New Game Engine


"For tech heads, this will be the first time Zombies runs in the
multiplayer engine. Previous Zombies modes were jury rigged using the
campaign engine"- The Verger

This means they can really innovate to Zombies, adding maybe a ranking
system, challenges, custom classes, and titles and emblems. But do
remember, we still want the hardcore feel for Zombies that got us into
the game in the first place. So lets hope they don't screw it up by
adding all these features.

They're Going Massive


"Lamia says in general, more isn't always better. Except with zombies." - The Verge

Zombies is going to be adding more, much more. Now this could be a good
thing and a bad thing. If they add a lot of cool features, but again
keep the feel we will be good, but if they add to much, and it becomes
more about the features than the game that will screw zombies badly.

New Modes


"For Zombies, there will be a new world and new modes.Fans always want
more ways to play the mode, and Treyarch plans on giving them just

If you guys watch NGTZombies then you will understand what is going on,
but if not here we go. On there channel they do challenges like shotguns
only and point whoring 1v1. They could add game modes like that where
there can still be a survival, but also have a competitive side to
zombies also.

8-Player Zombies


also be able to "handle a co-op tally double that of Black Ops 1's".
Eight-player zombies mode? Sign us up."- ComputerAndVideoGames

8-Player Zombies, OMG! Now they are probably going to have to make some
big maps. Although make it to where the circle strategy is hard. This is
essential for making it far, but it makes the game majorly boring. And
No One Likes Boring!

Black Ops 2's Zombie Poster:


{Zombies}Black Ops 2: All Known Zombies Information Black-ops-2-zombies2

My depiction is that this is going to be a character in the last map of
the game. I think that this is Samantha. And she is holding Richtofen's
Skull. Maybe zombies ends here...



{Zombies}Black Ops 2: All Known Zombies Information Zombies-black-ops-2

This is thought to be a leaked menu. Do I believe it is, no. This is way
to early for this sort of thing to come out. But it is a very good
piece of artwork.

{Zombies}Black Ops 2: All Known Zombies Information BO-LEAK2

This is another photo from the menu above. I still think this is fake, but this would be a awesome feature for them to add.



Post your theories below and I will add them here.

What They Should Add


Post what they should add below and I will add them here.

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