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All Known Black Ops 2 Info+Rumours

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Posted on Sun Jul 01, 2012 8:00 pm

This is a mega-thread made by Mudkip of NGU on all of the confirmed information and rumors regarding Black Ops 2!
All Known Black Ops 2 Info+Rumours 5bdaww

First off here is the reveal trailer, feel free to watch it!

Rumours will have green text.

General Information
  • Confirmed Release Date: EU: 13.11/2012 US: 11.13/2012
    World Reveal Campaign: EU: 1.5/2012 US: 5.1/2012
    World Reveal Zombies: To Be Announced
    World Reveal Multiplayer: To Be Announced
    Genre: First Person Shooter (FPS)
    Time Period: Futuristic 21st Century Combat
    Platforms: PS3, PC, 360 and Wii U
    Handheld Platforms: PS Vita
    Developer: Treyarch
    Publisher: Activision

Technical Information
  • Treyarch will prioritize 60 FPS over visual details
    PC version will have rented dedicated servers
    Will likely utilize a modified version of the Black Ops engine
    New, more recent 3D technologies will be utilized, including, HDR, Reveal Mapping and Self-Shadowing
    PC version will also utilize DirectX 11
    Map design will have identifiable landmarks, making it easier to identify your location
    Combat Training will return
    Treyarch has been working on their own anti-cheat tool
    The game will not have a beta
    CoD: Elite will be fully integrated in the game
    Zombie mode will be built around the multiplayer engine
    A Hardened version will be for sale for consoles*

Campaign Information
The majority of the campaign likely takes place in a futuristic setting, more specifically in the year 2025. The reveal trailer showed a very mechanical warfare where "technology got stronger, but we got weaker"

"What happens when the enemy steals the keys?"

The trailer describes the enemy turning the American military technology against their own.

The campaign will feature two time periods, the main one is the aforementioned 2025, and the other one will be set in the 80's near the end of the Cold War.
The campaign will have two protagonists, Alex Mason will be a controllable character during the 80's period, and his son David Mason will be the main character during the 2025 period. The presumed KIA soldier, Frank Woods will be the campaign narrator.

The villain will be a man named Raul Menendez, who in 2025 is pitting the Chinese and US governments against each other by hacking into their drones and other robotic weapons.
Raul Menendez will appear in both time periods.

In addition to the usual playthrough, Treyarch have juiced up the campaign with additional Strike Force missions, opting for a more non-linear playthrough.

Known Missions
  • "Singapore" (Strike Mission)
    "Protect P.O.T.U.S (Regular Mission)

Zombies Information

  • Built around the multiplayer engine
    Host migration is likely
    Female Character[s]
    Classic Survival Mode
    4vs4 mode - Teams fight against each other, in addition to zombie hordes
    8 player Co-op, competitive play.
    Bigger maps

Multiplayer Information


Create-A-Class in Black Ops 2 will be built around a 10 point allocation system.
Every player is granted 10 allocation points, and each item is worth a set, depending on their usefulness. A primary weapon would possibly be worth from 3-5 allocation points, while a perk could be worth 1-2 points.
Certain elements of your class can be sacrificed for something else. Not feeling like carrying around a frag grenade? Use your leftover point for a weapon attachment instead.

Game Types
  • Team Deathmatch

  • Aftermath: set in a ruined downtown LA area
    Unnamed map: naturalistic map located in a village in Yemen

Perk List (Whole thing is unconfirmed)
  • Audiophile
    Enemies shooting at you with silenced weapons will still appear on your mini-map, but only if they are nearby.
    You can hold two knives, meaning you pull of melee kills faster
    Your accuracy while standing upright is just as good as shooting while prone
    Deep Impact
    Bullets penetrate through surfaces with greater success.
    can throw grenades and equipment further.
    you can shoot while diving to prone
    Escape Artist
    can fake death when going prone, but you sacrifice the option of shooting.
    You can shoot while sprinting, although the accuracy is drastically reduced
    Your airborne killstreak kills count towards your overall killstreak chain
    appear as an ally on the enemy mini-map.
    Ground-based killstreak kills count towards your overall killstreak chain


  • X-Ray ACOG
    Quadrocopter "Charlene"
    X-47 Pegasus

  • ACOG Scope
    Red Dot Sight
    Extended Mags
    Select Fire
    Fast Mag
    Reflex Sight
    X-Ray Scope

  • Frag Grenade

  • Flashbang
    EMP Grenade


Assault Rifles
- M16A1
- XM8/M8A1
- AK47
- QBZ-95 (Type-95)
- AN-94
- M4A1
- CAR-15 Commando
- Type 25
- Steyr ACR
- Galil
- KH2002/Steyr ACR/FAMAS G2
Submachine Guns
- MP7
- Vector K10
- Uzi
- Chicom QCB
- Winchester Model 1887
- KSG-12
Sniper Rifles
- AS50
- Storm PSR
Light Machine Guns
- Mk 48
- Unconfirmed LMG
Machine Pistols
- KAP-40 (KARD)
- Unconfirmed Handgun
- M1911A1
- MM-1

thanks for reading, if you have any more info that you would like me to add, please let me know!!



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Posted on Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:40 am

Nice,thanks for the info.

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