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MW2 best cvar list

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Posted on Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:18 am

Hey guys its VeRxIcTDaRKM0Dz, heres what i think is MW2 best cvar list.

Player_sustain ammo "" (unlimited ammo)

Player_sprintspeed "" (sprinting speed)

Player_sprintunlimited "" (marathon)

Con_minicon "" (miniconsol)

G_gravity "" (game gravity)

Jump_height "" (jumping height)

Cg_fov "" (promod-field of view)

Cg_drawfps "" (show fps)

cg_laserlight "" (underbarrel laser)

Laserlight "" (underbarrel laser)

Laserforceon "" (underbarrel laser)

Player_maxhealth "" (player health)

Tracer_debugdraw "" (gun tracer)

Player_meleerange "" (knifing range)

Timescale "" (how fast game goes)

Clanname "" (set clantag)

Motd "" (set message of the day)

Cg_crosshairenemycolor "" (set enemy color on crosshair)

Bg_falldamagemin "" (set where you start fall damage)

Bg_falldamagemax "" (set where you die from fall damage)

Please enjoy!!!

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