[TUT] Make FREE Unlimited calls and texts to the USA/Canada Newhea10

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[TUT] Make FREE Unlimited calls and texts to the USA/Canada

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Posted on Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:42 am

Here is the full guide for you guys since none of you are happy with Share Cash

Google Voice is an Internet based phone forwarding service by Google.
Google gives you a separate US number from which you can call or text for free anywhere in the USA or Canada.
Unfortunately Google has restricted this service only for residents of the USA or Canada, however today I am going to show you
how to bypass this restriction and get a fully functional Google Voice account no matter where you are.

So lets get started, first of all you will need a VPN or proxy to make
it look like you are in the US, if you don't have one you can get a free
one from HotSpot Shield or proXPN.

Note: This VPN/Proxy is only required for the sign up process once you get your account working you won't need it again.

Next you need to set up a free sip account at iptel.org, sign up here.
Once you've completed that you have to get a free US number that will
forward calls from your SIP account, it may sound slightly confusing but
in the end
I promise it will all make sense. So anyway get your US number from ipkall.com, sign up here with the following configuration:

Choose your account type: SIP
Choose Area Code for your IPKall Number: Choose Any Number
SIP Phone number: Your iptel.org Numerical User ID excluding
'@iptel.org' - Sign in to your iptel.org account here and look at the
bottom of the page for the ID
SIP Proxy: sip.iptel.org
Email Address: Your Email address
Password: Enter a Password
# of Seconds to ring before hanging up: 120
Once that is complete, you will get an email with your US number, keep it safe!

Now you will need to set up your sip account on your PC or Mac so you can receive the verification call from Google.
To do that grab Nimbuzz from here.
Once installed you need to launch it and make a Nimbuzz account. Once
that's complete go to: Tools >> Options >> Call service
>> SIP Provider
now select Other from the drop-down list and enter the following:

User Name: Your iptel.org user ID, for example: asr
Password: Your iptel.org Password
Domain: iptel.org
With that done you are just a minute a way from getting your Google Voice account!


Now the fun part, head to http://voice.google.com and sign up for a Google Voice account,
then login, you will be asked to pick a number of your choice so you could have for example
then you will be asked to set up a pin for your voicemail, go ahead and make one.
Lastly you will be asked to enter your US Forwarding number, now enter
the number you obtained earlier from ipkall and make sure Nimbuzz is
Hit the 'Call Me Now' button and you should receive your phone call,
enter the verification number Google gives you with the dial pad and the
call will end if entered correct.

VOILA! You now have a a fully functional Google Voice, you can now make
an unlimited amount of free calls or text anywhere in the US or Canada!
The same way you can get the FREE Nimbuzz app for the iPhone and your
configuration will automatically be synced to your NimBuzz account.

Hope you enjoyed this guide, please leave your feedback.

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