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[FREE] Number Spoofer!

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Posted on Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:46 am

Hey guys, I saw another thread here and you could spoof your number also. Well I am going to show you guys one that is free.


All you have to do is put in your number with the area code, your
victims number with the area code and then the number that you want it
to show up as for them. Once you have filled it all out hit the Try
TeleSpoof button at the bottom. In about 5 seconds the number
888-289-153 should call you and say press1 to complete the call. Now it
will show up as the number you typed in on their phone.

Ok, I am also going to show you something else. Just to let you know also, this is VERY illegal.

1. Put in your number
2. Put in your victim's number
3. Put your victim's number again for how it will show up

Now, if they don't answer you should be able to access their voicemail.
So you can read old ones, or change it so it says "Hacked by Who Ever".
(Don't suggest doing that)

Have fun![FREE] Number Spoofer! Wink

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