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Posted on Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:35 pm





Latest Change Log:


• Fixed Stats Editor, Issue When Character 2 selected / maybe some bug with money need to look 
• Fixed Few little bugs
• Fixed Issue In Garage With Tire Smoke Not Working After Using Patriot Smoke 
• Added Real Super Jump thanks To Choco
• Old Super Jump Now Called Lift UP

[ ! ]Will look Into fixing the rest of the bugs later
[ ! ]Disabled Advanced Stats Editor Until Forward News / Fixing
[ ! ]Working On Force RGB/Crew Color Without LSC
[ ! ]Feel Free To Report Any Bugs 

Thread About Coordinates !

+ CCAPI 2.5 Must Be Installed- Click Here To Download +


• Fixed Character Alteration !
• Fixed Missing Vehicles In Cars Alteration List !
• Fixed Teleportation Decimal Error !
• Fixed Few Garage Editor Bugs !
• Fixed Money/Rank Editor For BLUS/BLES
• Added Ability To Choose Rank From 1 Up To 8000 !
• Added Ability To Choose Character You Wish To Mod Money/Rank On !

[ ! ]Disabled Advanced Stats Editor Until Forward News / Fixing
[ ! ]Working On Force RGB/Crew Color Without LSC


• Fixed For 1.15 BLES / BLUS 
• Added 2 New Vehicles
• Added 4 New Horns
• Added Patriot Tire Smoke "Check Box" 
• Fixed Crew Name/Tag Chager

[ ! ]Working On Force RGB/Crew Color Without LSC


• Fixed For 1.15 BLES only / BLUS will be next version !
• Added the new bike in the garage editor / the rest of the things later
• Disabled advansed stats editor until forward news


• Hot key For Teleport To Way Point / L3 + R3 Now Only works if HotKey CheckBox activated 
• Chaged SuperMan And Super Jump Hot Key Back To (Square) / (Circle) was Bad 
• Fixed Advanced Stats Editor / Just Click Find Offset Razz
• Added Extra Money And Rank Editor !
• Added Tool Tip Buttons For Stats Tab !
• Fixed SNS Pistol Exchange
• Added Cheats Tab Razz
• Added Extra Connection Check


• Fixed For 1.14 BLES / BLUS
• Added 7 New DLC Cars / Fixed Garage 2 Issue
• Added 3 New Car Colors / included Secret Gold Color 
• Added New Horns
• Fixed Name Changer
• Fixed Crew Name Changer
• Fixed Crew Tag Changer
• Fixed Unlimited Sticky Bombs
• Added Hot key For Teleport To Way Point / Set way point And Hold L3 + R3
• Changed Super Jump & SuperMan To button (Circle)

Will Fix SNS Pistol Later
Will Fix Advanced Stats Editor Later / For Now Use Any Stats Editor
Feel Free To Report Any Other Bugs 


• Fixed For 1.14 BLES ONLY 
• Added 7 New DLC Cars


• Added Mod Menu 


• Fixed Garage - Set-max upgrades ( Now does only current car )
• Fixed Garage - Bullet Proof Tires
• Fixed Garage - Refresh
• Fixed Garage - Licence plate
• Fixed Garage - Green Windows / Added Dark Limo
• Added Random CID Set 
• Added Restart / Shutdown PS3
• Fixed Stats Editor
• Re-added info buttons
• Re-added Remove Badsport
• Fixed False positives  Now 0/53
• Added Connection Check ( if losing connection the tool wil know )
• Added out of range checks for Coords ( if out of range you cannot store/ teleport to them )

[ ! ] SNS Pistol Alteration Will be Fixed later !


• Changed GUI To Metro Style.
• Added Advanced Stats Editor
• Fixed Superman Mode
• Fixed Super Jump Mode 
• Fixed HotKeys 
• Added Tooltips To All Check Boxes
• Added Extra Checks To Stabilize The Tool 


• Split up Connect / Attach Now 2 Buttons 
• Added Disconnect button.
• Changed GUI Style.
• Added Some extra checks to stabilize the tool 


• Added custom jump height.
• Added Newswire.
• Added Connection Check ( Tab switching while not connected )
• Added Restore Name Function ( Will restore name to original )
• Changed name textbox to Combo ,that's filled with names
• Added "Set All" to names ( changes all players names to 1 )
• Process of auto update feature started...
• Fixed fast reload 
• Added Tooltips for All RTM Functions.
• Added bike racks to Garages ( 3 extra slots for every garage ) 

UPDATE:19: Version
Added/Fixed RTM Options !
1.Refixed Superman Mod Now 100% work
2.Refixed Car Textures
3.Refixed Color Correction

UPDATE:18: Version
Added/Fixed RTM Options !
1.Fixed No Idle kick
2.Fixed Free Shopping
3.Fixed Remove BadSport
4.Fixed Superman Mod
5.Fixed Disco effect
6.Fixed Broken Glass colors
7.Fixed Car textures
8.Fixed Color Effects
9.Fixed Car Alteration
10.Fixed Second Garage Auto Update
11.Added New Teleport locations
12.Fixed Few Issues With The Tool Now More Stable

Known Issues / To Be Fixed Later
1.Fast Reload Not Working
2.SNS Pistol Alteration Half working

UPDATE:17: Version
Added/Fixed RTM Options !
1.Fixed For Update 1.13 BLES/BLUS
2.Added Second Garage Tab
3.Added New 1.13 vehicles
4.Added New 1.13 Horns
5.Added SuperJump Hold SQUARE to Jump High / Make sure you have Parachute
6.Added Added Initial jump to Superman Mod Hold Cross To Fly / Make sure you have Parachute

UPDATE:16: Version
Added/Fixed RTM Options !
1.We happely moved away from netcheat , took us a good while to rewrite the entire shitload of codes but we done it Razz ( this makes a faster / more stable tool. ( no longer dependant on netcheat ) .
2.Tool wil now also be 1 .exe file is all you need no .dll's or anything along those lines.
3.Added Change CID , so if you wanna protect your private CID or whatever reason Razz
4.Reworked Hotkeys ( removed some bugs )
5.Reworked Weather , now utalizes multi threads thefore much les blinking occurs if any at all.
6.Added Full player stats editor
7.Added waypoint teleportation
8.Added Defined Teleport
9.Added Realtime Reading Coords
10.Added realtime reading Waypoint Coords
11.Added Storing Locations.

Garage Editor

  • Sell Cars for full price at LSC
  • Customize a car to the maximum
  • Get unobtainable car body styles-Using Body,Chassis,Livery.
  • Get unobtainable features like new plate,RGB color,Twin Turbo etc.
  • Backup/Save any customized car to your PC

Mods/Fun Stuff

  • Speed up time by x1000
  • No Idle Kicked
  • Big GunZ Mod
  • Slow Motion
  • Unlimited Sticky Bombs
  • Car Super Jump
  • Free Shopping
  • Remove Bad Sport
  • Set Weather Speed
  • Change Your Character Name -Feature: Give,Sell,Customize,Troll Other Players Cars.
  • Change Your Crew Name
  • Change Your Crew Tag
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Ammunition
  • Custom Police Stars
  • Crouch Speed
  • Swim Speed
  • Player Speed
  • Moon Walk Mode
  • Gravity Changer
  • Reversed Gravity
  • Fast Reload
  • Sticky WMD -Sticky Bomb Nuke
  • Sticky NDE -No Damage From Explosions
  • Superman Mode- Feature: Jump From High Place With Parachute On,Hold LS To Go Up,Move it a bit to go forward

Textured Mods-Client Only

  • Disco Effects/Toxic Water
  • Disco Effects Speed
  • Old TV Effects
  • Dark Shadow Effects
  • Sky Color Changer
  • Broken Glass Color Changer
  • Player Color Changer
  • Remove Water Function
  • Interior Neon
  • Weather/Time
  • Color Correction

Alteration Mods

  • Replace Any Vehicle
  • Change To Any Character
  • Prop Spawner -Feature: Spawn objects by calling merry-weather ammo drop.
  • SNS Pistol Exchanger -Feature: Replace SNS Pistol In Ammo-nation store.First Talk To The Gun Seller Then Use This Feature

Status Mods

  • Set Money,Rank,K/D....etc


  • Real-time Reading Waypoint Coordinates
  • Store Coordinates For Custom Locations
  • Teleport to stored location- Download This For Windows 8 -- !! Click Here To Download
  • Teleport to defined location
  • Teleport to waypoint

Non GTA V Features:

  • Notification Messages
  • Ps3 Buzzer
  • Ps3 Firmware
  • CPU Temperature
  • GPU Temperature
  • Hotkeys
  • Different Tool Skins
  • Change Console ID

Mod Menu Video Thanks To : pluses1

Previous Change Logs:


KranK_ModZ , KillerBoy_001 , MzNet 

MohanadD Huge Thanks For Teleport Pointers

RaYRoD For Locations !

SonnieB!tchPls - Choco - BadChoicez - Tustin - Dnawrkshp - Veritassdg - mkp25 - kYsErSoSaY - angelillo02sm - ErasedDev - MzNet - Mohanad - Badger41 - Kristijan1001 - ChuteAa - Pro Yousef - Dan Dactyl

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