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Make BlackBerry Faster Without freezing......

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Posted on Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:41 am

some times i get annoyed when my Blackberry torch freezes -.- and some times takes hours to go back to normal
i found a way which is for all the Blackberry's
go to the home screen hold ALt+ L+G +L+G and then it will go to the Log
screen the log is anything u do or move on you blackberry get saved
which takes lots of memory :/ ( i think it stupid tbh) then press the
black berry button and find clear log and it will delete all of them but
two or three i don't know why ?
Step By step
1. Go to the home screen

2. Hold ALT Press L+G+L+G
3.Press Blackberry button

4.Clear Log

5. Enjoy blackberry without freezing
(Do this every 3 days or 2 )
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